Jerry Dave  Hungarian music producer...

...In the past he was dealing with aiding various tracks to success using professional and intellectual knowledge. He now mainly focuses on the remix of club music targeting the international market. He has recently finished working on his first English album; focusing on the international trends of today in the genres of club, electro and a touch of dubstep.

Title of album: Trust Yourself
It is about shaping your future the way you want it to be, even if you have to work extremely hard to get there, you will! If you fall you have to stand up, thats what makes you a winner- this way you cant lose! Furthermore if you believe in yourself you will be able to accomplish whatever it may be that you have set forth for yourself!..Oh, and the most important part is creating your goals; Say it, spell it, draw it- whatever  said Jerry.

The introductory and leading single of the album is the hit "Crazzzy Night", which also has a music video. Vocals are perfomed by Hungarian actress Veronika Foki.
The album contains 12 tracks, most of which belong to the artist. It is worthy of mention that the record contains other interesting elements, notably the two rap performances of Swedish reality show star Mate Csuhaj of Hungarian descent. There is an unofficial music video, a so called "party video" of one of the co-productions "One Night In Budapest".
The album is available in limited edition only the tracks can be purchased worldwide in any online music store.

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